Thursday, 3 October 2013


KINGDOM OF SILK  series by
Glenda Millard

I have just finished reading all six books in this series and I didn’t want them to end.  I loved the Silk family.
Father Ben and his wood making skills, mother Annie and her paintings and her songs, Nell part fairy grandmother part magical.
Then there is the Rainbow girls, Scarlet, Indigo, Violet, Amber, Saffron and baby Tishkin who went away without saying goodbye.
The boys, Griffin named after a mythical beast and Perry Angel, who came for a visit and stayed when he discovered family.
Layla, Griffin’s best friend, reader of hearts, and I have to mention Blue, the white dog with red freckles or is he a red dog with white freckles; and Zeus the one eyed crow.
If you want to meet a family full of love and wonder, the Silks are the family for you. Read one, read two or do what I did, read the series. You’ll love them.
The Naming of Tishkin Silk
Layla Queen of Hearts
Perry Angel’s Suitcase
All the Colours of Paradise
Plum Puddings and Paper Moons
Nell’s Festival of Crisp Winter Glories

Vicki@ Pakenham